Cherished moments this week...

Holding Brighton’s hand while he falls asleep with a beautiful contented smile on his face.

Watching while Brighton gives Maggie a reading lesson.

Watching Owen speed crawl to greet Seth at the front door when he gets home from work.

Watching Owen bang on the front screen door like the gorillas at the zoo when Seth leaves for work.

Having nightly bedtime chats with Maggie about her day and her telling me that I’m the “best mama.”

Maggie checking on Brighton when he cut his finger, asking him “Are you okay baby?”

Laughing with Seth when the kids are asleep.

Cleaning out the organic apple section at Target with my mom b/c they were on sale for 79 cents/lb. We each bought close to 30 apples.

Maggie picking the bathroom door lock with her hairclip.

Maggie and Bright painting the dog.

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