If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans...

This is our house! (Picture yellow siding and a red door!)
July of this year, Seth and I decided to start looking for possible land options to buy and live on in the future. Over the past few years we have developed a strong desire to become more self-sufficient and “live off the land” as much as possible. We strongly believed that this probably wouldn't happen for 5-10 years.We prayed beforehand that God would give us clear answers either way and that if it was meant to be, doors would open easily. Seth knew about a government assisted rural development loan that we were going to try to qualify for. He called me later that week to tell me that we qualified for a 30 yr 1% interest rate mortgage for up to $142,000. That makes the monthly mortgage payment on that amount only $425! Definitely a BIG yes from God. There is just no other time in our lives that we will ever have that kind of opportunity again. We had a couple of land possibilities we were looking at, but would only be able to afford a mobile home instead of building a house. I emailed a new facebook friend of mine who had mentioned that she lived in the “country.” A little background on this friendship. Another facebook friend of mine that I had added only a month or so before and hadn’t talked to since high school graduation sent me a message a month or so ago telling me that her good friend had very similar interests to mine and thought we would benefit from a facebook friendship. So, then I find out that my newly found facebook friend lives right by where Seth and I were hoping to find some land. She mentioned that her in-laws own the 25 acres that she lives on and that they may know of some land available in the area. Long story short, Seth talked to her father-in-law and he offered to sell us 2 acres of his land! The land is cheap enough to allow us to actually build a house instead of buying a mobile home. God is good! But it gets better. The families that will live closest to us are Christians and home schooling moms with kids around the same age as mine. (We are planning to home school our children for those who are not aware.) Seth’s best friend with a little boy Brighton’s age lives only a quarter mile down the road too. We could not have been blessed with a better location for our future home. As of now, the builder has received our chosen floor plan and the building of our 1800 sqft, 4 bedroom home, should start early September. We were blessed again last weekend when we happened to walk into Sherwin Williams to look at paint samples during a 40% off sale. We had no plans whatsoever to buy paint that day despite the fact that the employee who helped us said that this sale only happens one day every five years. (I’m fully aware and not THAT gullible, that it probably happens more often than that, but still.) We called our builder and he said that he would go ahead and buy all the paint for our house, interior and exterior, and put it on his account. We were worried about not being able to afford our no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, but with his discount and the store’s, we saved over $800 on just paint! The blessings just keep coming. I can’t wait to see what He provides next…

Our floor plan!

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