Zoo pass = always having something to do

Our little biter.
With the weather being as nice as it is, we went to the zoo twice this week. We buy a zoo pass every year and go all the time. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful zoo to visit. They have done so much to it since I was a kid. We could probably go a couple times a week and not get bored. Seth took off early today and the kids and I were so happy to have him with us!

We were very "lucky" to catch two of the tortoises mating on our first trip this week. I had to explain to the kids that they were trying to give each other a "piggy-back ride." lol

We are making our own picture reference book of the animals at the zoo, so we had fun letting the kids pick the animals they wanted to include in our book. The kids had a great time with the Lorakeets. I chose to stay outside the big cage because I'm not a huge fan of birds flying all around me. We had a great time and we definitely got our exercise this week!
They LOVE the carousel.

Love this pic of my little animal lover.

Owen's first experience with the lorakeets.

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