While putting laundry away today, Owen’s in the hall closet and the kids stuffed in plastic dressers in their closets, I was thinking about how amazing it’s going to be to have an extra 700 sqft to store all our crap! I really don’t want to have all this extra stuff that needs to be stored though. I read in a magazine recently that we only use 20% of our things, 80% of the time. That’s about right. I have favorite outfits for the kids that they pretty much wear every week, same for me and Seth. We have toys galore even though we take a donation to Goodwill every month. I want to simplify our life so badly and hope that this move is an opportunity to do so. I am a hoarder deep down though. When I go shopping, I have to fight everything in me to not buy a shirt I like in every color or 3 months worth of organic mac n’ cheese. I even bought two different books on simplifying your life. Must remember that the library is down the street! I’d love to be one of those families that doesn’t have a tv. That would be cool, I think. How great to not have that as a distraction from all the important things in life. I have to wonder though if it would impact family gatherings, football season, Grey’s Anatomy viewing… I’m not sure I’m there yet. Maybe by the time we move I will be. I know that at the end though, watching tv won’t be one of the things I’ll wish I had done more of.

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