Dear food, I win.

(ETA: Just found out that this is made w/ GMO corn.
No longer best snack ever.)
Day 5 of Quantum Cleanse
I almost threw in the towel last night. Not because following the diet restrictions are difficult, I've found that pretty easy, but because I am having a lot of pain with chewing and I've got a horrible earache from my TMJ acting up after having the fillings removed. So, to make myself feel better I grated a little bit of cheddar cheese on my quinoa and beans last night. I couldn't even taste the difference. We ate the quinoa and beans with some hot tortillas Seth made with corn masa and guacamole. This meal will definitely frequent our table a couple times a month after this cleanse is over. It has been the only thing so far that I've gotten excited about eating. Well, that and hummus. I can't eat crunchy things right now though, so my yummy hummus is just sitting in the fridge. Seth doesn't like it. I think the name throws him off, doesn't like the sound of it. Silly man.

On a good note, despite my mouth hurting, I feel really good. I have a lot more energy and I've noticed a difference in my mood, especially in the morning. I told Seth that it feels like a rain cloud has finally moved from over me. I kinda walk through life grumpy and it has been nice to not feel that way.

My new food staples are: tortillas and guacamole, oatmeal w/ fruit, coconut milk smoothies and fresh carrot juice. :) At night when I'm craving something sweet, I'll have some type of green or white tea with honey. I'm actually really surprised that I haven't had any hardcore cravings. Very happy with the cleanse at this point. I'm a little behind on meal planning. We've had leftovers for longer than I thought we would.  Will probably make chili or taco soup this weekend minus the meat. We're having family over on Sunday and I need to figure out a meal plan that won't drive half of us crazy.

Random pic: Optimus Prime and Owen this morning, LOL

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