House update

Well, that's about it. It's still only a picture in my mind. :) I've had a few people ask how the house building is going, and unfortunately, there's not a lot of building going on just yet. I had heard from people to always add on a couple months to whatever a builder tells you, so that's what I did initially. So, I'm not terribly disappointed we haven't started yet, but I am getting there! We've got two weeks from when the builder gets all the estimates finished and turned in to the USDA office before we can even think about starting. Last time we checked, the builder was still working on it. :-/ The USDA office will also freeze funds for rural development in October until the new budget gets in, so I'm not sure what kind of hold that will put on things. I keep reminding myself that all of this will work out perfectly in God's timing and I will be thrilled if we make it out there at all! So, until then, I've got 50 gallons of paint sitting in my garage reminding me of our future home that will get built...eventually.

Here's my first post detailing our house plans for those who may have missed it.

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