My Last 1st Birthday

Happy birthday sweet Owen! You have completed our family with your sweet, ornery soul. You came into this world weighing 6 lbs 5 oz and you are finishing up your first year at 31 lbs! You barely fit in preemie clothes and now you’re in 3T! You have intensified our lives so very much since you joined us, but we can’t imagine life without you now. My hopes for your second year include learning to walk, run and jump with your bubba and sissy. What trouble you all will cause, I’m sure. I can’t wait to see your personality develop even more. If I’m right, Mama will never fall short of incidents to write about. I love that you spin around on your bottom when you're happy and that you yell right back at your brother and sister when they're yelling at you. May the many angels that have saved Maggie from catastrophic accidents, watch over you as well. We love you big boy. Happy 1st birthday!

Owen, 2 days old 5lbs 15oz
2 months old, 14 lbs*

5 months old*

8 months old*

11 months old*

*Pictures taken by Sumer Melton

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