29 days has flown by!

Yesterday was the last day of my 29 gift challenge. It was an interesting experience that brought out feelings that I  hadn't expected. Not to pat myself on the back, but I really enjoying giving and I enjoy doing it without expecting things in return. I didn't really like feeling like I needed to give something to "keep the energy" going as the book suggested. I felt stressed if I couldn't think of something to write down on my giving calendar at the end of the day.

The challenge did help me to see how much I was receiving from others though. Over the last 29 days, I have received multiple gifts from friends and family, a $50 gift card, a notice that one of our utility bills had been paid for us, a computer program for the kids to help with homeschooling, a free buttermilk culture starter kit from culturesforhealth.com, free haircuts for the family, beautiful family pictures, groceries paid for...so many things. It was nice to actually write all this down every day so I can look back and see how blessed I am and how much support and love I get from so many people in my life. Everything I mentioned above is just material things that I received. I have gotten so many compliments and thank you notes this month that have really perked me up when I've been a little down. I have figured out my chazown and how all my past experiences will be used to help others. I have found a mentor and will hopefully be able to meet with her soon. This has really been an amazing month. Owen has even started sleeping 12 hours a night for the first time ever!! He has slept through the night for almost a whole week. Now if we can just get Maggie to do the same. :) We have been to church 2 weeks in a row for the first time ever. No one got sick last weekend. Praise God! Seth and I have spent quality time together for the first time in awhile. We even played Scrabble for the first time since before Brighton was born the other night. Let's just say that both of us played a really good game and we both came away feeling like a winner regardless of what the score was. I'm looking forward to a rematch. (If you know me at all, you'll be able to figure out who technically won, otherwise I would be gloating.)

Many people continue on to start a new 29 days of giving, but I plan on continuing a little differently. I won't be keeping a record of what I give, but I will keep a gratitude journal of what I receive. I am very thankful for this experience and the part that you all have played in it. I can assure you that most of your names are written under "gifts received" on my calendar this past month. Thank you. :)

My favorite blogger, Lindsay, of Passionate Homemaking, wrote a post today about a book entitled One Thousand Gifts. I'm going to try and track it down. It looks like an excellent read about thankfulness and God's grace.

3 of my many blessings. :)

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