Deadly dryer sheets

With winter time arriving and the air becoming drier, I want to mention what I find most helpful for static cling besides dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are horrible for you, mainly because they are filled with chemicals that become extremely toxic when heated. Many of these chemicals found in dryer sheets, such as Benzyl Acetate, Benzyl Alcohol, Chloroform and Linalool, are known carcinogens. Please consider trying one or more of the following to cut static cling instead of using dryer sheets. 

Safe dryer sheets!
  • Dryer Balls - I didn't have much luck with these, but some people like them. 
  • 7th generation dryer sheets - I really liked these. They're non-toxic and compostable after use. I found them at Target last winter. 
  • Rag soaked in vinegar - My favorite (and cheapest) way of eliminating static cling. I had heard to put vinegar in the rinse cycle and I always forgot, so this seemed like a simple solution. I just pour a good amount of vinegar on a rag and throw it into the dryer with all the wet clothes. This is all I do now to reduce static cling. It might not get rid of all of it, but I'd say a good 75% of it and you're not going to get much better results from commercial dryer sheets. 
"But I like the smell..." Well, the smell is carcinogenic (cancer-causing), so here's my alternative to chemical fragrances. 
  • Essential oils - pretty simple. Below are links to my favorite scents and where I purchase them from. I just add a few drops to one of the rags I'm throwing in the dryer.
    • Lavender oil (the link to the one I buy is 4 oz and will last me a couple years)
    • Orange oil  - I actually haven't tried this, but really want to!
    • Peppermint oil (LOVE this! I use it in laundry, cleaning or a few drops in the shower to pep me up.)
    • Eucalyptus oil - awesome in humidifiers or baths when the kids are stopped up. Much better than Vicks vapo rub with the chemical additives. 
    • Tea Tree oil - this can be used for so many things. Google will have to be your resource because I don't use it to it's full potential. I do use it every time I wash clothes though. I add it in with my Charlie's soap
Go buy a big gallon of vinegar at the store instead of dryer sheets next time you go and I'll be one happy blogger. :) And no, your clothes will not smell like vinegar when they're dry. 

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