This is all the veggies/fruits we use for one day's worth of fresh juice for the fam. All 3 kids drink 4 oz each and Seth and I get about 6-7 oz each. My kids have grown accustomed to drinking it with no or very little apple, so I only use them when I'm lucky enough to find them cheap enough. They do sweeten the juice quite a bit, so if you're new to juicing and trying to get your kids to drink it, an apple is a must. My ingredients for juice for our family of 5:
  • 7 ginormous organic carrots (I get a 5lb bag of organic carrots at Buy 4 Less on Expressway/Portland for $2.99, the highest they sell them for is $4.99 a bag and that is still a really good deal!) 
  • 4 big stalks of organic celery (Buy 4 Less, Supertarget and I just got some from the Azure coop.)
  • 1-2 organic apples (Buy 4 Less, Supertarget or Azure.)
Drink up! Drink immediately when the nutritional content is at it's highest. Brighton, my pickiest eater started out just taking 1 sip at a time. I remembered reading that it takes kids up to 10 times trying something before they acquire a taste for it, so I kept on. Now he is THRILLED to drink 4-5 oz every day. I love that I don't have to give him veggie vitamins everyday now that he is getting more vegetables than most adults. When I started juicing a few months ago after watching The Beautiful Truth and reading The Gerson Therapy, I lost the remaining 5 lbs of my pregnancy weight in a week. The documentaries and the book are on the top of my recommendation list. I'd be shocked if you can watch the The Beautiful Truth and don't come away from it with your way of thinking and life changed. It is available to watch instantly on netflix...

I have used two different juicers, one was a hand-me-down from my mom and that she used for at least 3 years. It is a Waring Juice Extractor and I liked it a lot. It recently died. :( I'm using another brand now, but can't seem to find it online at all. I think my mom got it at Macy's. The next one I buy will be another Waring though. Pretty good price for the quality I think. 

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