This week I've been contemplating what goals we want to set for our family and for myself this next year. Here are a few I've come up with. If our house gets built this next year, we will have so much more to add I'm sure! lol
  • Have daily time with God 
  • Rid the house of plastic toys and replace with safe, non-toxic wooden ones that will inspire creativity. 
  • Replace all of our particle board/pressed wood furniture with real wood furniture. Thanks to Knock-off-wood for this amazingly frugal option. Scrap wood at Home Depot/Lowe's rocks! $1 a board!
  • Learn how to do all of the things that I delegate to Seth, such as canning, butter making and baking. 
  • Fill our house with mostly functional items, as clutter free as possible. 
  • Make exercise a priority, even if it's only 10 minutes a day. 
  • Figure out a way to help people to start living a more natural and healthy life without overwhelming them.
  • Spend more quality one on one time with each child. 
  • Read 2 books a month
  • Buy 2nd hand as often as possible. 
  • Dust more! Or figure out how to get the kids to dust effectively...
  • Go on more than one date with my husband, this year we only had 1. :-(  Maybe even have 1 night away from all the kids... 
  • Give more, serve more, forgive more! 
My prayer for all my friends, family and readers is that you will take that next step to make life healthier for you and your family. Whether it's giving up soda/diet soda, conventionally raised meat, or toxic home cleaners, please take responsibility for your health right now. Don't wait for a cancer or an auto-immune disease diagnosis. At that point, it might be too late. Parents, your kids don't have a choice right now. You can make healthy choices to help them live healthier, longer lives. You can't raise them on white sugar and processed food and expect them to leave home and all of a sudden figure out how to eat healthy. You are affecting their whole life right now, with every choice you make for them. I have given you many posts on where to find organic, whole food for good prices here in Oklahoma. Please take advantage. We make this work on $35,000 a year. You can make it work too. Set your priorities high for your family. May God bless each and every one of you abundantly this next year. Thanks so much for reading these past few months. It has greatly enriched my life hearing from and helping you. 

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