Instead of pesticides with your food...

Seth and I were talking about how I used to make fun of my mom for talking about organic food all the time just 5 years ago. I think the problem was that I didn't quite understand what organic meant and how not buying it, at least for some things, affected me and family. So, here is the definition of organic for those who may not understand the term:

Organic food: food that is farmed without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or genetically altered organisms. 

Why would you want anything different, right? 


Pesticides are toxic by design.

They are created expressly to kill living organisms -- insects, plants, and fungi that are considered "pests."
Many pesticides pose health dangers to people.  These risks have been established by independent research scientists and physicians across the world.
As acknowledged by U.S. and international government agencies, different pesticides have been linked to a variety of health problems, including:
  • nervous system toxicity
  • cancer
  • hormone system effects
  • skin, eye and lung irritation

Did you know that a person who eats conventional produce eats an average of 1 gallon of pesticides EVERY YEAR? And we wonder why cancer is so prevalent in our society. 

Best resource, EWG's Dirty Dozen/Clean 15 list of produce that you need to buy organic and produce that has low pesticide levels. Print out their handy wallet guide to keep with you when shopping.

Dirty Dozen - buy organic!              

Bell Peppers
Grapes (Imported)

Clean 15 - low pesticide levels


Sweet Corn

Sweet Peas
Sweet Potato

From their website,
"Why Should You Care About Pesticides?
The growing consensus among scientists is that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can cause lasting damage to human health, especially during fetal development and early childhood. Scientists now know enough about the long-term consequences of ingesting these powerful chemicals to advise that we minimize our consumption of pesticides."

You don't have to be rich to buy healthy food for your family. We live on an extremely tight budget and eat a lot of local, organic food. Organic foods are available at a lot of places now, not just expensive health food stores. See my post on where I shop for more info. Buy 4 Less has started carrying a lot of organic produce, SuperTarget always has a lot and Wal-mart varies. Farmer's markets and the Azure Standard co-op is your best bet for affordable organic produce if you eat a lot of it (which you should.) :)  

For more info on pesticides and organic food, visit
If you're not familiar with the Environmental Working Group, they are a great non-profit organization dedicated to keeping our families safe by providing us with credible information about chemicals in our food, household products, toys, cosmetics, etc... please visit their site for lots of valuable information. It's where I find much of mine.

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