Power outage preparedness :)

The past couple of years have been stressful for me during the winter with all the blizzards and ice storms and power outages. So this year I wanted to be prepared to stay in our house if we needed to for awhile without power. Generators are out of the question and our fireplace is out of commission. We will have a big functional wood fireplace at our new house that I am really looking forward to using during the winter. So for this winter, I bought the following:
  1. Coleman Wind-up lantern - I just love this. I wanted something that wouldn't require batteries and this was perfect. We actually use it as a night light in the kid's room now. It is $18 on Amazon and it is LED, so the light bulb will last like 10 years, seriously.
2. Wind-up flashlight and radio - the reception on this is amazing. It's an automatic tuner as well, so there's no turning the knob really slow trying to find a station. I originally bought this for $14 on Amazon, but it looks like the price has gone up. I get so excited about self-powered products. 

3. Portable Butane Gas Burner - I wanted one of these to warm up hot water for hot water bottles or for quick re-heating of food. These put off carbon monoxide, so I'm thinking it would probably be used in the garage with the garage door open a little for ventilation.

4. Hot water bottles! - I got one of these for each family member. They are so nice to snuggle with on cold nights. I'll put boiling water in one at 10pm at night and it is still warm at 6am. The kids love them too since we keep our house pretty cool. Right now they're on sale on Amazon for $5.90 each. 

5. Coleman Propane Lantern - just in case we need a little bit more light than the flashlights give off. 

This is just the start of a real emergency kit, but it makes me feel so much better knowing that we'll be okay for a little while in case we have to be without the convenience of modern electricity. I read this article in Mother Earth News about emergency preparedness shortly after assembling mine and it sure did make me feel unprepared. lol It has some great ideas for further reading on this issue. Emergency Survival Kits

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