Sickly Sunday...

Oh my goodness, last night was a long night. Maggie had intermittently been complaining about her tummy hurting all day Saturday, but I never know with that girl whether or not she's telling the truth. Around bedtime she came down with a 102 fever and severe chills. From my experience with fevers and treating them, unless it gets to 104 it's best to let them burn out and run their course so that they can kill whatever bacteria or virus has invaded the body. So we snuggled on the couch with a hot water bottle until she fell asleep. She woke up throwing up around 9:30pm and continued until about 12:30am. At that point, I was about to throw up myself from being so exhausted and watching her throw up multiple times. lol Now, two things happened at that point and who's to say which one helped the most or if they both played a part. First, I was able to get her to drink some water kefir, which is a natural antibiotic and a great source of probiotics. Second, I commanded the virus to leave her body in Jesus name and laid hands on her. Okay, so I had never tried this before, but afterwards, I felt fairly confident that it had worked. I kept thinking, "faith as small as a mustard seed, right?" When I went to check on her 15 minutes later, her fever was gone and she has not thrown up since. She did have a 101 fever this morning when she woke up, but keeps asking to play outside and her appetite is back. I don't know many kids who recover as quickly as mine do from an illness. Thankful for the wisdom, patience and a certain calmness I've developed now when they're sick that God has given me. Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal themselves if given the right tools instead of conventional medications that suppress the immune system's ability to heal.

If your kids (or you) are sick and it is absolutely necessary to supplement with some form of pain reliever, I recommend ibuprofen (Motrin) over acetaminophen (Tylenol.) Acetaminophen reduces the body's supply of glutathione, which the body needs to fight off a virus or invading bacteria, so if you're giving your child Tylenol when they're sick, you're only extending the illness because it's lowering their immunity. There was a recent study that came out talking about kids who take Tylenol before vaccinations have a greater risk of side effects because it decreases the glutathione in the body. Please give motrin instead if you vaccinate.  If you are familiar with, "PubMed comprises more than 20 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books." You just need to enter "glutathione and acetaminophen" into the search engine and many, many articles and studies will pop up detailing the negative effect acetaminophen has on the body's ability to produce glutathione. 

Here's my sweet girl about 12 hours after her fever and vomiting started. Happy as a clam. :) 
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