Stocking Stuffers

This Christmas, I'm trying to make sure that most of our gifts to the children have a purpose and won't just end up in a storage bin in a month, stocking stuffers included. Here's what's on my short list to stuff their stockings with on Christmas morning.

  • Jump rope
  • Glue sticks (my kids love these) lol
  • Kitchen tools from Dollar Tree
  • Mini flashlights
  • Watercolor paints
  • Playdoh 
  • Markers
  • 1 big bar each of Green and Black's organic dark chocolate. (I would like one of these in my stocking...hint hint, Seth.) :) 
We (Seth) are making the kid's Christmas present this year, thanks to Ana White at Knock-off Wood. With her plans and a handy husband, I have a never ending list of things for him to build. We went and bought the materials for this at Home Depot last weekend. Including paint, we spent $15. We bought the wood in the scrap section for $3. I'm excited to get started on this on Saturday. How cute is this little mailbox? 

Click here for the plans to build it. I'm excited about the pretend play possibilities with this. I plan on making "mail" out of cardboard and putting names and addresses of friends and family on each piece and even wrapping up a few little packages for the kids to find in it on Christmas morning. Yay! 

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