10 days of chlorine free bathing...

So I've been pleasantly surprised with all the benefits of bathing in chlorine free water. I wasn't even sure that we would notice a difference. I'm excited to see what else happens as my body detoxes from the chlorine. This is the first time in my whole life that I haven't bathed in chlorinated water...crazy! Who knows how this could have been contributing to my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Differences I've noticed over the past 10 days:

  • Seth's eczema is insanely better. His finger no longer looks like it has been severely burned. (He started soaking his finger in raw apple cider vinegar the same day we got the filter, so that has probably helped as well.) 
  • Our skin is softer.
  • Our skin doesn't itch anymore because of extreme dryness. 
  • Our hair is softer and less frizzy.
  • My dandruff is gone.
  • My hair has stopped falling out in clumps. I just thought that after having kids I was going to have to deal with shedding worse than a dog for the rest of my life. Not so! 
  • My kids still deal with cradle crap - eww right? Well, it is so much better since we got the filter. I had no idea that chlorinated water could be contributing to so many of our hair and skin problems. 
  • My chronic dark circles under my eyes are much lighter. I may be able to stop hiding them behind my glasses one of these days. :)
  • My favorite benefit of the new shower filter is that I can bathe the kids as often as I want and not have to worry about how much chlorine their little bodies are absorbing, especially Brighton, since he has very bad "chicken skin" in the winter months. ETA: Everyone's chicken skin is now gone! Yay!
For info on our new filter, see my post, Chlorine Free for $20.

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