The Blessed Life

I feel so incredibly blessed to attend the church I do. Seth and I met at Life Church when we were serving together in the nursery over 8 years ago. I remember being at the point in my life when I was so anxious to meet "the one" and constantly ending up at dead ends. After an evening service, I went up to the LifeKids desk and told them I wanted to serve. They asked me where and I said, "Wherever you need me." I distinctly remember hoping that God had a plan and that maybe I would meet my husband while serving. When I walked into the 2 year old room for the first time, I was excited to see a couple of people my own age, one of them was Seth. Flutters of hope were quickly distinguished when I found out the girl in the room serving with us was his girlfriend. We served every Saturday night together for over a year. Long story short, they broke up. (I promise I had nothing to do with it.) We dated for a week, knew this was "it," got engaged a couple months later and married 6 months after our first date. We will be married for 7 years in May. God is good.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, this post really wasn't meant to be about that. lol We watched an amazing message this weekend online about generosity and how God multiplies everything you give. I have been on a big giving kick ever since my 29 days challenge, so this message really spoke to me. The first two messages are given by a guest pastor and author of the book, The Blessed Life. (I can't wait to read it!) This guy has an incredible testimony and you will not be sorry if you watch these. Wow, Seth and I were just blown away by all 3 messages in this series. Here are the links to the messages in this series... they are life-changing.

God must be first.               The Principles of Multiplication        Sowing and Reaping  

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