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Sprite shower filter
My husband has developed horrible eczema on one of his hands and I have been on a mission to figure out a way to fix it. I was having an issue with it on my hands until I discovered that hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap were triggering it for me. When it comes to ALL health problems, you have to find the cause instead of treating the symptoms or it will likely turn into a chronic disease for you. Today, I read that chlorinated water can cause eczema. We don't drink chlorinated water, but our body absorbs much more chlorine just by showering once a day than we could take in by mouth in one day. I understand that chlorinating tap water is probably a necessity to keep dangerous bacteria at bay, but how do you protect your family from the adverse effects of drinking and bathing in chlorinated water?

Just a few health issues associated with drinking and bathing in chlorinated water:

For drinking water, most everyone has a fridge filter or a Brita filter. We took it up a notch last year and bought a reverse osmosis filter from the Culligan Man. :) I love it, but have to make sure that we are replacing the minerals that have been taken out of the water along with all the contaminants. 

Here's how it looks on our shower.
 It says it fits all shower heads!
When I take a bath, I can smell the chlorine and have known for awhile that it was not a good thing. I try to bathe the kids as infrequently as possible to minimize their exposure, but my husband insists on bathing at least once a day. lol I assumed that to remove the chlorine we would have to buy an expensive whole house water filter that we couldn't afford. Thankfully, a good friend did lots of research and shared her findings with me. There are shower filters that you can buy that filter out the chlorine! Yay! Online they go for around $40, but she found them at Home Depot and Lowe's for under $20. We went to Home Depot this afternoon and picked one up for $18 and an extra replacement cartridge for $10. The cartridge needs to be changed every 6 months. We use the shower head to fill up the bathtub for baths and now we have much safer water! I am praying that this will help Seth's eczema, as it seems to be getting worse and is definitely affecting his quality of life. We are also planning on having his remaining amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings removed (safely) soon as well as we feel that could be contributing to the eczema and also his weekly migraine headaches. Will keep you updated on our successes! In the meantime, go buy a shower filter! :)
Edited to add: For an update on all the wonderful "side effects" we've experienced since going chlorine free, click here

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