Crunchy Birth Plan

I have quite a few friends who are pregnant and thought I would share my birth plan that I wrote when I was pregnant with Owen in case it could help others write one of their own. I will try and link as many aspects of it to the research as I can at a later date. (Google for immediate info on an issue.) This really is a nuts and bolts birth plan since I was delivering at OU and so many of my preferences are already standard procedure, such as waiting until the cord is done pulsating before clamping and skin to skin contact after birth.

Birth plan for Elizabeth, Seth and Baby Owen

Seth and I thank you for sharing this experience with us. These are the preferences for our birth. We may have others that come up as labor advances. These are simply our preferences. The health of our baby is of the utmost importance and will be considered as the main criteria to determine if our preferences need to change. I will be using hypnosis techniques for relaxation during labor and birth. Your support and understanding is greatly appreciated.

For Labor – I request:
To have my husband present at all times unless I ask him to leave.
To decline routine IV prep.
To decline discussion on pain tolerance and pain levels.
 All questions be directed at Seth and if he can’t answer he will defer to me.
Intermittent monitoring of baby’s heart.
No internal monitoring in the absence of fetal distress.
No offers of pain medication or Pitocin.
To be able to eat and drink as desired during labor.
 Minimal number of vaginal exams.
To be fully informed and consulted before the introduction of any medical procedure.

For Birthing – I request:
Perineal massage/support to avoid tearing.
       Cord to be clamped and cut only after pulsation has ceased.

For Baby Owen – I request:
 To allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin; delay cleaning/rubbing.
 To decline eye ointment and Vit. K shot.
 To decline Hep. B shot.
 To decline circumcision.
 All tests performed on baby with at least one parent present.
 Breastfeeding only.

Pending there are no complications and I am GBS negative, we would like to leave as soon as possible after delivery.

I can't believe this was a year and a half ago!
Very happy to say that every single one of my wishes were followed through with and we left the hospital  7 hours after Owen was born. Love the midwives at OU

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