Pink Swirls :)

Yesterday was a big day for our kiddos. We took our first trip to an "ice cream shop" and they got to pick out whatever they wanted on their sundae. To appease my fear of sugar overload :) we went to this awesome frozen yogurt shop in OKC near NW Expressway and Rockwell. They have live culture yogurt (yay probiotics!) with surprisingly less sugar than I thought would be in it. Depending on flavor, there's 18-24g of sugar per half cup serving. A soda pop has around 40g to give you something to compare it to. I also saw a man coming in with fresh carts of fruit, so their claim that they use all fresh fruit is the truth! Now if only it was organic... Maybe I should let them know about Azure. :)

I was pretty concerned about how the children were going to behave. The seating area is fairly small and I could just see my kids jumping up and down and hollering at people. My concerns were needless, because I failed to think about the fact that they would be inhaling sundaes while we were there. They were seriously quieter than they have ever been before in their lives. It was amazing. Frequent trips will be made to Pink Swirls. Here's a few pics from our special treat...

Waiting for their sundaes! 

Mama let them pick out whatever toppings they wanted. They settled on M&M's and sprinkles.

This boy could not be any happier!

He was ready to dig into Mama's sundae.

The toppings bar! Now we can fantasize about what we want before we go...

There is a Pink Swirls in Midwest City, Oklahoma City and Edmond! Check out their website for more info!

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