Sprouted bread!

After 2 days...
Last week I bought some Ezekiel bread at the grocery store and read up on it. Sprouting grains, like soaking, is another way to make them more digestible and nutritious for your body. This bread is a great alternative to expensive gluten free bread if you don't have a serious gluten allergy. It's available at most grocery stores. I bought this one at Buy 4 Less for $5/loaf. On a cheaper note, Seth made some yesterday. We bought 25 lbs of organic wheat berries from Azure Standard for $10. I sprouted about 2 cups over a 2-3 day period. This was very easy. You soak them in water for 8 hours, drain. I put them in a t-shirt sheet pillow case and hung them from a cabinet knob and dampened them every 8 hours or so to encourage sprouting. After that I placed parchment paper on my dehydrator and dried them up so we could grind them. Turns out, this is not a good idea with a plastic dehydrator. Next time, I just plan on using the oven at it's lowest temp of 150 degrees.
Clearly, I'm in the market for a new dehydrator. 

Luckily, the wheat berries were unaffected, or so it seemed. There was no way I was tossing them after waiting for 3 days! lol The flour smelled like grape nuts after grinding... hope that's normal. The bread turned out awesome and is almost all gone after just one day. Next time, I'm sprouting enough wheat berries for 2 loaves.
Here's my next batch! Hopefully it works as well as the first!

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