Healing bladder infections naturally.

Long time, no blog. Life has thrown us some curve balls over the past month and we are still adjusting, thankful and blessed, but adjusting. I haven't had much time for relationships, much less time to blog. I've been wanting to do a post for a while on how I have naturally cured urinary tract infections, so without further ado...

I grew up with bladder infections, had them chronically until 10 years old or so... I don't really remember when they stopped. I just remember how great it was to not get an antibiotic shot in my leg every night. I had infections since I was a baby, supposedly it was an inherited problem where the urine would reflux back into my ureters and kidneys. I even had surgery for the problem at 18 months old, but it didn't fix the infections. I was terrified to have a little girl because I was very traumatized and still deal with issues from being held down and catheterized many times as a toddler and young girl. I knew that I could not handle watching my little girl go through the same thing and the problems it would potentially cause her in life. I did some research and found that many times the problem corrects itself as a child gets older, but the issue that has to be dealt with is the recurring bladder infections until that happens.

Maggie got her first bladder infection around 18 months old. She screamed as though she was dying every time she urinated. I panicked and rushed her to Urgent Care, where they allowed me to place a "pee bag" on her instead of catheterizing her. Praise God for that. She had a 102 fever and was prescribed antibiotics. The first antibiotics that any of my children ever had to be on and it was for a bladder infection. I was not happy, because I knew how they were going to upset her little body. She took them, didn't sleep while she was on them, but her infection went away... until a few days after she finished the antibiotics. Her fever came back and she started complaining again about pain. I knew this was likely to happen and the roller coaster of problems that were likely to follow, so I did more research before rushing off to the doctor again. I started her on chewable cranberry vitamins, homeopathic cantharis 3 times a day, colloidal silver 3 times a day and water kefir throughout the day. Her infections went away. I kept her on this regimen for close to a year and I noticed that if I skipped a few days to see if I could wean her off, she would get a low grade fever again. Almost two years later, she is healed and is no longer on the cantharis or silver. She still drinks one cup of water kefir everyday because of all the probiotic benefits.  I cannot begin to explain what a relief it is to know that I can prevent these infections and treat them naturally at home. Please click on the links to the remedies I mentioned above to find out where to get them. The colloidal silver helps all infections, not just bladder. It is a natural antibiotic that I am so thankful to have and is a staple in my house! Hope this helps some of you and your children avoid the gut destroying prescription antibiotics... and please remember to supplement with LOTS of probiotics if you do have to take Rx antibiotics, they kill all the good bacteria along with the bad.

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