I've started hugging trees... literally.

No, I haven't gone crazy... I think. This post is a partial review on the book, Earthing:The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, by Clinton Ober. I wanted to post some of this info before I finish reading the book, because I feel like it can help people NOW. As someone who has dealt with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for 10 years, I dived into this book quickly. Any therapy that is cost free and risk free always jumps out at me! I found an excerpt to it while reading Zapped, a wonderfully informative book on all the dangers of our highly electric and technological world. Earthing has the potential to help a lot of people for free or for a minimal cost, depending on how "grounded" you want to be. The author set up his own study with the help of some college students and a nurse in 2000 when he couldn't get any doctors or scientists interested in doing one. It involved "grounding" their bed to the earth outside their bedroom window. For the link to that study, click here. A summary of the results are listed below (p. 40):

  • 85 % went to sleep more quickly
  • 93% reported sleeping better throughout the night.
  • 82% experienced a significant reduction in muscle stiffness.
  • 74% experienced elimination or reduction of chronic back pain and joint pain.
  • 100% reported feeling more rested when they woke up.
  • 78% reported improved general health.
I was excited to find out that there have actually been 2 studies published recently and available on PubMed.gov. Links to those are listed below:

In the book, the authors quote, Matteo Tavera, a French Agronomist, farmer and naturalist. Here are some of his suggestions to become more grounded.
  • Walk into the wilderness and choose grassy areas instead of asphalt roads. Try to walk barefooted or at least with a covering that allows the electrical contact or exchange. 
  • As often as possible expose any part of the skin of your body to the Earth or grass, or any natural water, lake, stream or ocean. In your garden... moist grass is a perfect conductor. 
  • Use the trunk of the tree to lean on and rob it of some of its electricity for your health's benefit. 
  • Bathing, especially in ocean water (b/c of its salts) or lake or river, is extremely good for you. Walk barefoot in these waters. 
My plan is to have Seth read this book and figure out a way to cheaply rig some of this stuff up to get us grounded at night. Although, I wonder... what happens if it storms and I'm plugged into the ground??? A little more research is definitely needed. In the meantime, if you drive by my house and see me barefoot and hugging a tree, you'll know why. :) 

Link to the author's website, click here
Short, 3 minute video on the basics of Earthing. 

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