Amount Due: NONE

This past month or so, God kept continually leading me to passages in the Bible that would say, "Ask and you shall receive..." or something along those lines. I really felt like He was telling me to start asking Him for things. Sure, I prayed for His provision every day, but I felt like He wanted me to be more specific so that He could get all the glory. I started making a list and then prayed for them. I felt pretty silly praying for material things, but He kept reminding me that He loves me and wants to give me good things. And lo and behold, God provided. At first I thought, maybe a coincidence? Let's try this again... and again He provided. Here are some examples from my list.

Dear God, please provide us with...

1. A new kitchen faucet. 
  • Done. My dad gave us $100 to go buy a new one. 

2. A refrigerator that doesn't hum so loud it gives me a headache.
  • Done. My best friend had an extra one that I didn't know about and she sold it to me for $50. 

3. A lawn mower... ours broke and Seth uses it to mow other yards to make extra money when he can. 
  • Done. This one is probably my favorite because it was so unexpected and when I prayed for it, I didn't tell anyone. One evening I prayed that someone would buy us a lawnmower. 3 days later at 7am in the morning my mom calls and says, "I just bought you a lawn mower for $5 at a garage sale." lol I thought, "Wow, God you are cool, but lets see if this $5 electric lawn mower actually works." It totally does and did a great job. Praise God! 

4. Money to pay the electric bill.  
  • Done. I knew this month's bill was going to be a big one. I didn't know how we were going to pay it, so I prayed that God would take care of it. I received the bill in the mail a few days ago and went to look at the amount due. I can't tell you how my heart jumped when I saw in all CAPS: NONE. God took care of it... 

Our biggest blessing happened today when someone offered to pay our rent for us for next month. When Seth told me about it, my first thought wasn't happiness though, it was disappointment in myself and my faith. Yesterday I was on the phone crying to my bff about how the stress was getting to me a little and I wasn't sure where the money would come from. God is showing me over and over again that He is in control and that He will provide for us if we continue to seek Him first and obey. How could I doubt Him for one second? 

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?" Matthew 6:26

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