Ask and you shall receive... part two.

Owen "driving" our new truck! 

Back in August, I wrote a post about God answering my prayers for specific items. I believe that He provided for us because we have continued to be obedient to His calling to become foster parents despite many, many obstacles. 2 months ago, shortly after my last post, I made another list of things we needed/wanted and began to pray for them. One of the little things was an activity for Maggie to do outside of the home. We were blessed when my mom offered to take her and pay for a gymnastics class. Maggie is a natural at it and loves it. I'm so excited that she can use up some of her adventurous and fearless energy at class! One of the big things I wrote down was a work truck for Seth. I felt it was a bit of a stretch asking for something that big, but God didn't waste any time letting me know that it wasn't. Seth picked up a work truck last night that was donated to us by someone we don't even know.  No one knew I was praying for a truck. I'm not even sure if Seth knew. God has been so faithful in answering our prayers, I want to make sure He gets all the glory. Father, we ask that you would abundantly bless the family ten times over who gave this truck to us. They are faithful servants of yours and we are so thankful that you used them to bless us.

This last message at church was on tithing and I feel like God wants me to address it. Beginning this year, Seth and I made a commitment to tithe 10% to our local church. We have continued to do so since he lost his job. We tithed on every unemployment check even though we knew that we couldn't make ends meet with 100% of the income we received from that. God has provided every week and it has greatly strengthened our faith. He has provided so abundantly that we have not had to use a credit card one time. We had a hard time not using credit cards when Seth was employed by a corporation and making much more than he is now. We truly put God "to the test" on this and he has proven himself faithful every single time.

Check out our church's 3 month tithing challenge, it's a wonderful opportunity to give God a chance to prove Himself to you in this area.

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