Bring it on, 2012.

I had lots of goals planned for 2011, only a few of which were actually accomplished. Despite that, we had the biggest and best year of our life. I gained 3 children this year, all in the past 3 months. I had someone sarcastically ask me the other day, "So, are you ready for a couple more?" And I could honestly answer, "Absolutely, if I had a bigger house." Many people don't understand how we do it. I don't understand how we do it. I was exhausted and overwhelmed with my 3 biological children. The only explanation that I have, is that the Lord gives us the strength, the patience and the joy every day to do this job that He has called us to do. I am so, so thankful for these children. When the days are long or the nights are short on sleep, I might complain or even cry a little. No matter how difficult it gets though, I haven't once regretted a decision to take any of them. They all fit so perfectly into our family. Our sweet 4 year old foster daughter and Maggie look like sisters and I had someone at the grocery store tell me that she looks just like me the other day. When I look at my now 1 year old foster daughter, my heart swells with pride and joy thinking about the woman she will become. And now we've had a beautiful 7 month old little boy for two weeks who has stolen my heart as well. We are sort of a "Brady Bunch" family now, with 3 boys and 3 girls. It is a dream come true for me. The Lord has given me a deep compassion for their birth mothers that I never thought would be possible. One of them, I believe, will be a lifelong friend. I have done things this year that I never thought I would have the strength or courage to do in a million years, but with God anything is possible, I've learned. You just have to step out in faith and He'll be there to catch you.

This year I only have one goal. My goal for 2012 is to bring nothing but glory and honor to Christ in my parenting, in my marriage and in my relationships. Granted, I'm sure I'll fall short many times, but I'm blessed with a Savior who knows when and how I'm going to screw up and He gave His life for me anyway. I pray that you all have a blessed New Year and that you make Christ the center of your life in 2012.

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