A is for Asinine

My head is still spinning from our 2 court visits on Thursday. We had court at the same time with 2 different judges for our sibling group, Miss A and Baby K, and our other foster daughter, Baby H. As I have mentioned in previous posts, these were pre-termination trial hearings. Both ended with surprises. A and K's went first. We stepped up to the judge's bench and he looks at the file for a few seconds and then says, "Since the mother completed her requirements I am taking termination off the table."

Onto case #2 with Baby H. I walked into the DHS building and to my surprise, Baby H's dad was there. He hasn't even wanted to see pictures of his daughter, much less support her or her mother this past year and now he's here petitioning for custody. WOW. WOW. What concerns me the most though is that there is an aunt in a faraway state that is trying to get custody of my Baby H. She hasn't even met Baby H and I have no idea when the last time she even saw her sister was. The mother did not recommend this woman and wants us to keep Baby H so that she won't be traumatized again by being flown across country to live with a woman she has never met. I informed our caseworker of the mother's wishes and she said, "Policy dictates that we seek out family first."

We're trusting God through all of this and continuing to obey when He speaks. Seth is visiting Baby K's father in prison tomorrow. Please pray that he accepts the visit and that the Holy Spirit will speak through Seth. His rights were terminated last week and we were told that he tried to take his own life. This man needs some Jesus real bad. I'm so excited to be attending church tomorrow with Baby H's mother, who I've grown to love very much. Please pray for everyone involved in this whole crazy situation. They all are hurting very much. Humbled to be used by God in this ministry.

"If we truly have God’s love within us, we will feel compelled to plead with God on behalf of those who face His imminent judgment." - Experiencing God, Daily Devotional 1/28/2012 

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