Status Update

As some of you are aware, I chose to fast from Facebook for the month of January and use the time that I would normally spend on there to seek God and His will for this year. It hasn't been nearly as difficult as the last time I tried to fast from it. I think that's because God has such a front and center position in my life this time. To give up His blessings or His direction just to get my Facebook fix isn't that appealing anymore. The outlook for my immediate future changed today. For the last half year, I was hoping that God was leading Seth to a part-time job in foster care ministry or a part-time job making enough where he could be home and still help with our 6 children under the age of 6. God let us know on Saturday though, that He wants Seth somewhere else indefinitely. Seth was offered a job last Friday at a credit union. We chose to take the weekend and pray about it because initially it didn't fit into OUR plan. I'm so thankful for the growth in our faith that prompted us to seek Him and His will regarding the job, even though it didn't make sense to us to accept it. Through multiple situations this weekend, He made it very clear to us that this job is where He wants Seth right now. I'm not quite sure what that means for our family, except that CHANGE is coming. I'm not a fan of change. God has done some amazing things in our life though, especially when we didn't understand what was going on, so I'm trusting Him and we're obeying by taking this step. My mind might not be at peace, but my soul is right now. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage all the appointments, visits with birth parents, and court dates on my own, but we'll figure it out. God has a plan, and I refuse to get in the way of that. Please keep our family in your prayers. I'm going to miss my hubby.

"God does not ask for our opinion about what is best for our future, our family, our church, or our country. He already knows! What God wants is to get the attention of His people and reveal to us what is on His heart and what is His will, for God’s ways are not our ways!" - 1/7/12, EXPERIENCING GOD DAY-BY-DAY

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