Praying and Waiting

We love it here!

I almost titled this the other way around, "Waiting and Praying," but that has a totally different meaning! We are on the verge of some decisions, ones to be made by us and others to be made by a judge. I am seeking God and His will and trying to push my own desires and fears down, along with the expectations of others. I am waiting to make any big decisions until I have a peace in my heart that can only come from God and His Holy Spirit.

We have court in less than 4 weeks for our sibling set and I am expecting it to be a BIG day. It will not only affect us, our sibling set and the bio mom, but the unborn child she is carrying right now and the father of that baby. Unfortunately, DHS has not kept her as informed as they should and I think what is going to happen will be very hard for her to understand and process. I don't feel as though it is my place to let her know things that I assume are going to happen, but don't know for certain. We have been surprised many times during the course of this case. We would love prayer for our relationship with the bio mom after this next court date. I pray that it is not strained.

Our adoption of Hannah is being "swifted," which is an enormous blessing. Our caseworker has been nothing but STELLAR throughout all of the ups and downs of this case and I will forever be grateful to her. We have distant family members who would like to keep in touch with us and Hannah as well, which will be such a blessing for her as she grows up.

Seth has been asked to speak on the importance of relationships with birth parents at another statewide foster care conference. We are extremely excited to see what God will do with that experience.

We are currently praying about putting our two 4 year olds in public, all-day, Pre-K. I don't have a peace about it right now, but it is something that we are exploring further and trust that God will open or close the doors we need Him to so that we can make the right decision.

We moved a little over 2 weeks ago and LOVE IT. It seems to have fallen way down the list of priorities to update people on and I apologize for not getting pictures up yet.

I will walk by faith, even when I cannot see... because this broken road prepares your will for me. Oh Father - how great is YOUR love!!!! When we had no idea the outcome of this journey, we just trusted You and Your goodness!! Less than a year in to fostering, we have seen pain, healing, salvation and LOVE. I wouldn't trade this last year for anything. Our growth in YOU is astounding. Father we love you!! Continue to guide us every day!

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