It's been 1 year??

Love at first sight!

Oh my goodness, in so many ways it feels soooo much longer and in other ways, it's hard to believe it's been a year already. A year ago today, we sat in the DHS parking lot waiting for Hannah's visit with Mama D to be over. We sat with hearts pounding in our chest as we saw Mama D come out and get in a friend's car. We walked into the building, went up the elevator and as we went around the corner and walked into a bright yellow room, we were greeted by the biggest smiles you could ever receive from a baby you'd never met before. I truly believe that God had showed her our faces, because the caseworker even noted in her observations how comfortable she was with us instantly. She laughed and smiled as soon as we sat down to play with her.

Dear Hannah Grace,
Sweet girl, we love you so much. You have grown so much this year, as have we! I had no idea how long we would get to keep you, love you and protect you, but God did. Your adoption should be finalized next month and you will be stuck with us forever! To look back and see how God brought you to us, is nothing short of miraculous. We said "yes" to 4 other babies that all got placed by God with someone else, just so you could be with us. Oh, what GREAT plans He has for your life baby girl and OH how He loves you! He protected your body, your mind and your heart those 9 months in Mama D's belly and the 10 months you weren't with us.What a miracle you are! We love you more than the sky and hope and pray that we will be the parents that God called us to be for you and your siblings.
-Mama and Daddy

Here are a few pictures from our first night home, one year ago.

"God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful."

1 Thessalonians 5:24

1 year later! :)

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