Trusting GOD

So, we have been INCREDIBLY blessed these past couple of weeks. Baby sis came to join us and OH MY GOODNESS, she is a tiny miracle disguised as a baby. Our adoption of Hannah was finalized!! God is good! People have been blessing us with money for Christmas, toys for the kids and stacks of diapers! We are humbled by the generosity of our friends and family. Please know that we are constantly thanking God for you.

In the midst of all the blessings, Satan is coming on strong trying to discourage us. A couple weeks ago I felt like God wanted me to fast and focus on the fruit of self-control. I was successful for part of the fast. lol I did find some great scriptures and teaching on self-control though. Now it is easy to see why He laid that on my heart because I have really needed to use some self-control the past few days when it comes to DHS and other people involved in our sibling case. Just like the fast, I have been only partially successful in my self-control and have yelled at and hung up on a caseworker this week because of decisions that they are making that are clearly not in the best interest of the children that I have taken care of for the past year. After that incident, I passed all communication between DHS and our family to Seth, who is much better at remaining calm in the face of adversity than I am. I had to pull out one of my all time favorite books, Trusting God, by Jerry Bridges, to refocus. It reminded me that whenever we face trials, God is always trying to teach us something. He never wastes adversity. There is so much good info in this book, I cannot recommend it enough. "If God is going to use you and me, He will bring adversity into our lives so that we, too, may learn experientially our dependence on Him." -Jerry Bridges

Please lift our family up in prayer. I have so much more to work on when it comes to my parenting, my relationship with Seth, and especially my relationship with Christ. All I want is for God to get the glory for all we do and I feel like I fail Him so often. God uses us to do great things because we are so imperfect, so that He can get the glory. I am so weak in so many areas, that it just continues to boggle my mind that God can use me to inspire or encourage others. I am so thankful though that I have grown in my faith enough to turn to Him during these times, because even a year ago, I would never have thought, "What is God trying to teach me through this? How is He using this to make me more like Him?" I am growing and can honestly say that I am very close to "considering it all joy when I face trials of many kinds, because I know that the testing of my faith produces perseverance!!" James 1:2-3

I want to end this post with gratitude and pictures from our adoption of Hannah - SHE IS SO WORTH THE TRIALS WE WENT THROUGH!!

With our amazing caseworker, Amanda! So blessed by her!

With our good friend, Jessica. Such a blessing to our family!

Judge Kirby is awesome!! 

Hannah Grace!!! 

Forever sisters!
Giving the glory to GOD! Thank you JESUS!
 *Pictures donated by Allison Wheeler at Poetry and Prose Photography

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