My Fourth Son, Our First Special Needs Adoption

It's been almost 2 months since I've written and I apologize for leaving you hanging, but we have been so busy adjusting to life with 8 children! The second I saw his picture online, I told my husband that I was naming him Judah because it means praise. I later found out that the Judah in the Bible was the fourth son of Jacob and he is our fourth son as well! We brought Judah home on November 3 after meeting with his neurosurgeon. We were given very little hope for him and told that it would likely turn into failure to thrive. She recommended no ER visits, no feeding tube and no ventilator for pneumonia if it were to occur. Many children with hydranencephaly die from aspiration pneumonia. We left so excited to be taking our son home, but sorrowful about the information we received from the doctor.

The first few weeks were HARD. We could tell he was in pain, but didn't know if it was related to his diagnosis or just normal baby colic issues. Just a few days ago, after many prayers for wisdom we discovered that he just needed to poop more. I increased his probiotics and he is a poop machine! He is gaining weight quicker, eating more and much happier in general. Praise GOD!!!

God has continued to provide financially, beyond what we could imagine. We have not spent a penny out of pocket for this adoption. As soon as an unexpected expense comes up, the Lord sends someone over with a donation. We have yet to ask for anything!! The Lord just sends what we need. This adventure, this journey with God is so much fun. It's so worth the risk of the unknown. To draw closer to Him everyday as He proves His faithfulness is worth every sleepless night. I feel so unworthy of this blessing He has given me in Judah, Who am I to deserve this? To be a witness to miracles everyday? Thank you Jesus!

It's been hard to find the perfect place to put this into the story, because I didn't even realize it until recently. 2 years ago, to the day I met Judah, I had a dream. I was sitting in a hospital room holding a beautiful newborn baby boy with special needs and I was being asked to adopt him even though I already had 7 children. I said yes in the dream, even though I was unsure. The dream was so clear that I woke up and emailed myself as many details as I could remember. I have no doubt that it was Judah in that dream and it is only more confirmation that the Lord has been all over this since before he was even conceived. I have so much peace about our time with him. I can't wait to see God glorified over and over.

"Jesus said to him, 'If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.'" Mark 9:23

Meet my son, Judah... 

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