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3 Christmases

My foster children have been with us for 3 Christmases now and they are STILL foster children. When we brought these children into our home, they sent us adoption paperwork after 3 months because they were certain that was where the case was going. Over 2 years later, we are almost in the exact same spot as we were then. Would I do it again if I knew then what I know now? Without a doubt, YES. If I can assure that these children are safe, loved and well cared for, I would do it for 10 years. They are worth it. HE is worth it. I have peace that God will bring closure soon and that it will be in the best interest of the children. I look forward to sharing the stories of the angels God has placed within this case and how even in the midst of adversity, He was fighting for our family and these children. To quote my 6 year old today, "You can always trust God. He keeps His promises."

"And since you are so special,  God wanted to put you in just the right home... Where you w…