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Our 5th Adoption

From the moment I set eyes on this picture, I knew he was mine. Judah became my legal son 111 days later. We have had two instances where I didn't know if he would make it to adoption day. A few weeks ago, his shunt malfunctioned and we were told by the neurologist that he might only have hours left to live if we chose not to have it fixed. We felt strongly that the Lord was in control and chose to hold him and kiss him all day instead of heading to the hospital. His shunt self-corrected and has been fine ever since. Praise God.

He was in severe pain the Monday before adoption day. He wouldn't eat and nothing helped his cries of pain. We began giving him one dose of pain meds during the day and it has seemed to help him a lot. It doesn't knock him out, but seems to calm his senses down, so that everything isn't hurting or terrifying to him. I truly feel like I am on a roller coaster. I am trying to find a way to be peaceful during every circumstance and trust in His so…