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God sees me.

Since Seth has been working on our new house, I've been doing this whole mom thing alone. He doesn't get home until 10pm most nights and the kids have long gone to bed. It was hard work taking care of this crew of 6 under 7 when Seth was home part-time. It was really hard when he went back to work full-time and now that he's gone close to 80 hours a week, I am beat down. My main reason for writing this post is because I want to brag about how I got 6 kids bathed (with soap, not just with the hose outside) in under an hour all by myself. I am so impressed with myself that I want to share with someone, but since I gave up Facebook, no instant approval is available. We need that as humans, the validation of our accomplishments and our feelings. I get kinda lonely over here.  When the kids have a virus that they pass around and no one wants to visit and we can't leave the house, things are more difficult than usual. My mom, our speech pathologist and the UPS guy are like w…

Oklahoma Foster Care

Please watch.

With ALL your heart.

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13
After the message at church last weekend and a night alone seeking God's face through prayer and worship, I knew what I had to do. For a couple years now, Facebook has been a big part of my life. It sounds silly to say that, but that was mainly how I socialized. As a homebody with 3 kids originally and now 6 under 7 years of age, it was easy to excuse my time on there since I don't get out much. I started having severe anxiety about a year ago that I attributed to hypothyroidism, but I now believe that Facebook had a lot to do with it. The constant desire it created to check status updates, likes and comments was not normal. This January I fasted from it for a month and it was the most joyful and less anxious month I have had in a year. As soon as I got back on though, the anxiety was back along with lowered motivation and just a spirit of depression hanging over me. You'd think t…