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11/19/16 Judah Update

I haven't been updating much about my sweet little man, because not much has changed - which is a good thing! He is very stable, healthy and maintaining his weight. He's hovering right under 13 lbs. His new medication that we started a few weeks ago has been such a blessing. His muscles are relaxed and he is so content. 
We have found a pediatric hospice that has been such a blessing compared to our last experience. I haven't had any new revelations regarding his care. We are just settling into this great possibility that he might stick around for awhile. I'm no longer planning his funeral in my head or worrying about days when he doesn't eat much. He's just a blessing that we are thoroughly enjoying. He has the ability to calm me down and cheer me up when the other 7 kids are driving me nuts. ;) Everyone he "meets" falls in love with him, at least the ones who aren't afraid to hold him and risk being hurt when he does leave us. 
I encourage you …