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Bring it on, 2012.

I had lots of goals planned for 2011, only a few of which were actually accomplished. Despite that, we had the biggest and best year of our life. I gained 3 children this year, all in the past 3 months. I had someone sarcastically ask me the other day, "So, are you ready for a couple more?" And I could honestly answer, "Absolutely, if I had a bigger house." Many people don't understand how we do it. I don't understand how we do it. I was exhausted and overwhelmed with my 3 biological children. The only explanation that I have, is that the Lord gives us the strength, the patience and the joy every day to do this job that He has called us to do. I am so, so thankful for these children. When the days are long or the nights are short on sleep, I might complain or even cry a little. No matter how difficult it gets though, I haven't once regretted a decision to take any of them. They all fit so perfectly into our family. Our sweet 4 year old foster daughter …

Enlarge your tent!

Today or possibly tomorrow we're supposed to be getting our third foster child, which will bring us to a total of 6 children in our home. I opened up my devotional this morning and it was entitled, "Enlarge Your Tent!" I was cracking up, because it just shows how God has a sense of humor. Come on God, how much more can we enlarge this tent?! Back when we got our first foster daughter a couple months ago, I posted a status update on Facebook about how we are DEFINITELY maxed out with 4 kids in our home. God really enjoys using my own plans and words to prove me wrong. For example, I had planned on fostering a newborn baby boy. God had planned for me to foster a 10 month old baby girl, followed by a 4 year old little girl a month later. lol I truly am glad that God doesn't let me know these things in advance because I would have really been freaking out.

Life is pretty great over here. The more we say, "Yes" to God, the more we are blessed and I don't mea…