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"Through the Word of God we are nourished, but through adversity we are pruned." Jerry Bridges, Trusting God
Oh boy. I read this little nugget this morning after I bought Trusting Godfor my Kindle because my many copies I had of my favorite book are now unusable. I don't know why it hit me so hard today, I know this truth from studying the Word and preaching this exact thing to many of my friends. I suppose it's because I can literally feel the pruning this week. The deep sorrow of every breath I take. We have been provided with SO much through the Body of Christ, that it feels somewhat selfish to mourn all that we have lost, given that the outcome could have been so much worse and we could be mourning the loss of lives right now. 

The grief comes in waves, usually triggered by a dream or just driving by the house or remembering that the route we take home is not the same coming back from the store. This time though, it was triggered by a vacation. We took the kids to …