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Saying goodbye to Kingfisher.

It's been 1 week since we've moved. I've been avoiding saying goodbye to Kingfisher, because I honestly thought it would never happen. I didn't want to process the reality of what was happening. 7 years ago, Seth mentioned that he had driven through Kingfisher and thought it would be a great place to live. Having never lived outside of OKC at the time, I told him that I was never moving to Kingfisher. 2 years later, we moved in.
After the fire, God provided through our community in ways that we never would have imagined. For a month straight, we had people dropping donations off everyday. I told my best friend that I was never leaving Kingfisher. Even just to think about it would bring tears to my eyes. I remember asking her if she thought God was going to ask us to leave. God doesn't allow me to become too attached to anything, He wants me to remember that everything on this earth is temporary. Even though we lived here for only 5 years, we are from Kingfisher …