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Opened Eyes

When Seth and I were seeking God and His calling for our life, we knew that adoption would be involved somehow. I researched international adoption and domestic adoption and was met with closed doors. I knew absolutely nothing about foster care, but was drawn to look into it after reading an article about how when children are removed from their home, they are often given a black trash bag to put their things into. By this small act alone, we are basically telling these children that their possessions aren't valued and neither are they as they are bounced around from placement to placement. It broke my heart. My eyes were open just a little bit. Then I discovered the crisis that we call the foster care system in Oklahoma. As followers of Christ, Seth and I were outraged at what was going on and the fact that NO ONE was talking about it, at least no one that we knew. Once our eyes were opened we could not be silent or sit passively by while innocent children were treated like sta…

A New Beginning

After rights were relinquished, we had 3 visits, 3 weeks apart with the birth parents. Our intentions were to continue these indefinitely, but as of now, we have decided to bring them to a halt. Our decision has been influenced by many things, but ultimately we believe this is what God wants us to do for the mental and emotional health of not only our adopted children, but for the whole family. We loved, prayed for and reached out to the birth parents for almost 3 years, many times when we did not want to, but because we felt prompted by God to do so. We have offered job help, parenting help and spiritual help countless times, with no acceptance on their part over the years. This quote that I read recently really encouraged me to re-assess and pray about their involvement in our family's life. "It’s part of my DNA to love others. Love them and not disappoint them. But I have to realize, real love is honest. Real love cares enough about other people to say no when saying yes w…