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Rejoicing with the angels in heaven

A little over a month ago, Baby K's father tried to take his own life after he had sat in a prison cell for over 6 months with no visits from family or friends. Little did he know that God had reached down from heaven to call one of the most unlikely people to go and minister to this man. The week of his suicide attempt, I felt an extreme sense of urgency to get Seth to the prison to speak with him. Seth had a very hard heart towards Baby K's dad which was understandable due to the reason he was in prison. God performed a work in his heart though and in a very short time created compassion from hate. Seth has been to visit him about 5 times now and each time we are blessed with stories of changes in his life.

Today, Seth and two men from his men's group went to visit Baby K's dad and two other prisoners. These two other prisoners are 18 and 23 years old. They told the men's group that they had seen such dramatic changes in Baby K's dad after Seth's visits,…

Attitude adjustment needed

It's been a long week. We had two court appearances this week, with the 2nd being for Miss A and Baby K this afternoon. Thankfully there were no surprises, it consisted only of birth mom signing off on her 6 month plan, which took until 5pm. I was really hoping my husband would make it home early on this beautiful day!! I don't want to complain though, actually, I do want to complain. Therein lies my problem. What I want is to not want to complain. :) I feel so short of my joyful self this week, leaving me wondering what it is that I'm doing wrong. I'm having consistent time in God's Word. I'm praying, albeit, somewhat grumpily. I'm not necessarily worried about what's going to happen with the kids. I'm a little sad because it's looking very promising that A and K will go back to mom in 6 months. I keep telling myself that if mom gets things together and gets them back, that's a good thing, because then we'll be able to help more childre…