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Satan and sippy cups... :)

Don't worry, I'm not about to bad-mouth sippy cups, you'll see the correlation in a paragraph or so. I feel like Satan has been attacking our family since the second we picked up our foster daughter a couple weeks ago. Since her first night here, I have had a child vomiting, sneezing snot everywhere or lethargic with a fever every single day. I came down with strep throat a couple days ago and Seth broke his toe yesterday. Really?! In all honesty, I have been dealing with everything fairly well. We've been living off of frozen meals I'd stashed away and homemade chicken soup. There was one incident when I threw a sippy cup at the wall because I couldn't get the lid off because my joints were aching so badly from my fever. Shortly thereafter I realized that was exactly what Satan wanted and by giving into frustration, I was letting him steal my joy and peace that the Lord has blessed us with.

The night before we brought baby girl home, I remember laying in bed …

A perfect fit!

After 2 calls and 2 placements that got cancelled before we picked them up, we have finally brought home our angel. Third times the charm, right?! And I know how much easier it is to say now, but I wouldn't change anything about what happened to get us to this point. It has been a long 9 months, but I am so glad we never gave up. This sweet baby girl fits into our family better than if she had been born into it. She actually makes the dynamics of our family run better and she makes my job easier, oddly enough. I told Seth today that if I could have controlled this whole situation and picked out every detail I couldn't have done a better job. God is extremely unpredictable, but always outdoes himself when it comes to blessing us. Her and Owen are so cute playing together and she seems to have adjusted very well. She took a 3 hour nap today! Woo hoo! We are all having so much fun with her and feel blessed beyond belief. We have no idea what will end up happening, but regardless…

Ask and you shall receive... part two.

Back in August, I wrote a post about God answering my prayers for specific items. I believe that He provided for us because we have continued to be obedient to His calling to become foster parents despite many, many obstacles. 2 months ago, shortly after my last post, I made another list of things we needed/wanted and began to pray for them. One of the little things was an activity for Maggie to do outside of the home. We were blessed when my mom offered to take her and pay for a gymnastics class. Maggie is a natural at it and loves it. I'm so excited that she can use up some of her adventurous and fearless energy at class! One of the big things I wrote down was a work truck for Seth. I felt it was a bit of a stretch asking for something that big, but God didn't waste any time letting me know that it wasn't. Seth picked up a work truck last night that was donated to us by someone we don't even know.  No one knew I was praying for a truck. I'm not even sure if Seth…

Finishing Strong

We received a call this week from DHS telling us that there is only one thing we're lacking to keep us from opening our home, a 3 hour class that was not included in our previous training. Thank God, we found an open class late next week. We are approaching 8 months in our journey just to become foster parents and we are praying that this is our last obstacle to overcome. I can't even begin to tell you how much we've learned by obeying God's call, I am a bit nervous and excited to see what He will teach us once we actually have a child in our home. This past month I've been visiting a darling 4 month old baby at the hospital with failure to thrive. She is in state custody, so the only visitors allowed are DHS approved ones. There is a wonderful program in place here in Oklahoma City, called Operation Lullaby that  connects volunteers cleared through DHS to visit these children in the hospital or at the shelter. Seth and I decided this month that we would recruit vo…