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Visits with Birth Family

Many times as a foster or adoptive parent, you host visits with birth families. We had no idea where to have these visits when we first began foster parenting 4 years ago. I thought I would list some of the places we have had visits with birth family members since then to give others some ideas.

Church nurseries. Many pastors have no problem with sharing the nursery or childcare room during the week when services are not being held. Just remember to clean up when you leave. It also gives an opportunity to invite birth parents to church or have church leaders pray with them. This is our number one pick for visits. ParksSpray parkMcDonald's or another fast food restaurant play areaLibrary - kid's area or often times there are empty rooms you can go in and use.  Your house - we felt comfortable enough with the birth families to have them occasionally to our house. We never had any problems and the kids enjoyed showing off their home to their birth parents. DHS office - it isn't…