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Forever Family Day!

Today marks 1 year that we became a forever family! We celebrated with Happy Meals, playing at the park, visiting our local fair and making chocolate chip cookies. So thankful for the Lord's blessings!

"Praise the Lord. Praise God in His sanctuary; praise Him in His mighty heavens.  Praise Him for His acts of power; praise Him for His surpassing greatness."  Psalm 150:1-2

Repost: "The system is too broken" is not a good excuse.

So thankful for this post I read this morning, had to share it on here. My thoughts are few and far between on the blog recently and the boldness and honesty from this blogger is refreshing.

“The system is too broken” is not a good excuse from Her View from Home.

"When I talk to people about foster care I get a lot of responses. People are always telling me why they could never invest themselves in these kids. There is the standard “I’d get too attached” response that while it frustrates me (Of course you would! That’s the point. These kids need people to attach to them.), I think I get most baffled by people who shrug and say they’d love to do something but “the system is just too broken.” Maybe they follow this up with an anecdotal story about a friend’s cousin who had a foster child that went back to an unsafe biological family member or they speak disparagingly of caseworkers and judges who are overburdened and just don’t care. So why get involved if the system is so broken ki…

How we Disciple our Children

"Our goal as parents ought to be to help our kids become independently dependent on God." - Francis Chan

My two oldest children are currently 9 and 7 years old. They were recently baptized. They wanted to be baptized a couple years ago, but my husband and I wanted to make sure that they understood what they were "signing" up for, as much as possible at their young age.

When people ask how we disciple our children, I wish I had a formula to give them to say if you do this, then this is the outcome. That's never the case, because ultimately, it is the Lord who grows our children's faith, we can only help plant the seeds and water them. Hands down, what has inspired and strengthened the faith of our children is the way my husband and I strive to live our life everyday. We strive to live a Christ-centered life in every area. We care for orphans, we take in foster children even though we risk getting hurt by losing them. We love and forgive the birth parents of o…