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God speaks through 5 year olds too. :)

God loves to use my 5 year old to speak to me. It is usually a very humbling experience, if you can imagine. Yesterday, I was talking to Seth while Brighton played with Legos in the same room. I was expressing my deep concerns about vaccinating our future foster children and how difficult it was going to be for me to do. Seth had no pearls of wisdom for me, but Brighton did. He looked at me and said, "Mama, just pray." I went about picking up the house and came back about 10 minutes later with what I thought was a decent idea about talking to the pediatrician about spacing out the shots. I mentioned it to Seth and again, Brighton looked and me and said, "Didn't I just tell you to pray?" :)

Okay God. I hear you. I'm not in control, I never will be. I'm giving this to you and I'm just going to pray.

Everything in your life has been leading you to this moment.

They must have said this two or three times in church tonight and all I could think about was finally finishing this crazy certification journey to become a foster parent. Hopefully by the end of next Friday evening, Seth and I will have everything completed that is required of us and will have a new baby to love on very soon. The path our lives have unexpectedly taken this past year is so surreal to me that it can only be God and the message at church tonight confirmed it.

This exact time one year ago, Seth and I were searching for land to build our dream house on out near Guthrie. We told ourselves that this was from God, even though we didn't seek His opinion on it at all. Our plan was to become self-sufficient so that we wouldn't have to rely on anyone besides ourselves. During the message at church tonight, Craig stated that "Self-reliance + self-absorption = self-destruction." That alone was confirmation for me that had we continued on with our original plan mi…