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A Lot Can Change in 2 Weeks

2 weeks and 1 day ago, my husband and I watched The Drop Box on Netflix. It rocked our world. Go watch it. You have to read subtitles for most of it, but it's worth it. Trust me. We had recently opened our foster home again, but we had zero calls for placements, in almost 2 months. That was definitely a first for us! After watching The Drop Box and seeing this precious pastor truly give his life for all of these unwanted children, many with special needs, we started praying. We prayed that God would use us. We will take the risk that others can't or won't take for these children with special needs. We prayed together through tears that God would be glorified through our family and that we would do anything, He just needed to show us.

The next evening I messaged a fellow adoptive mother in another state, who has even more children than us :), many with special needs. I asked her where we needed to start this journey. She sent me back a couple websites, one being www.chask.or…