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Loss, Grief and Reactive Attachment Disorder

2017 has been a rough year for our family. I ended 2016 thinking that the next year would be incredibly hard because Judah would most likely leave us for the arms of Jesus. Glory to God, he is still with us and doing well. I never expected to be grieving the unexpected loss of 3 family members and the future of one of my daughters.

In June of this year, I lost my uncle, my dad's brother, in a tragic car accident. Just a month later, on my mother's side of the family, we lost my cousin and her young son in yet another horrific crash. Four months later, it still seems so surreal. The magnitude of these losses are still so fresh in all of our minds and hearts. My heart is broken for the children and spouses that they left behind and the new reality they are each facing.

I've seen God comfort and provide through all of this, especially when I seek Him through His Word or worship Him through song and prayer, which honestly didn't come easily early on. I've learned tha…