38 Years Young

My goal for my 38th year is to quiet the negative self talk and begin to embrace my gifts and my strengths instead of focusing on my weaknesses. With that thought, I decided to write myself a reminder using the same grace I would with a friend.

Happy birthday Elizabeth! I know it is so hard to believe that you are 38 years old. Last year was tough, but in the midst of all the trials you saw so much beauty from ashes. You grew in your faith and your roots deepened as you saw God come through time after time with unfailing faithfulness. I think it is fair to admit that life is difficult right now, considering all of the needs of your 8 children. It would be difficult to manage a family that size without one of them being terminally ill and another with severe attachment issues. You really are doing a good job. I know that you see the faults more than the successes, but you are an inspiration. You encourage others to seek after God first and obey the scary things He asks them to do. You are a walking testimony of His faithfulness. Your children are amazing. They are beautiful not only on the outside, but most importantly on the inside.

Homeschooling is difficult and I know it doesn’t bring you much joy right now, but they are learning. They are learning at their own pace without the anxieties and stressors of public school. They are allowed to express their creativity in so many different ways that would not be possible otherwise. You are teaching them life skills that they will be so thankful for in the future. You are doing a good job and I trust that the Lord will continue to reward your effort as long as you strive everyday to reflect Him in your teaching and parenting.

God knows your heart and that is all that matters. Continue running this race with perseverance and pointing others to Him. As you know, especially today, life goes by really fast. Forgive quickly, focus on the big picture, make memories, and laugh more this year than you have in the past five. Stop looking in the mirror so much and at the numbers on the scale. As Ed Sheeran would say, “Just remember life is more than fitting in your jeans...”❤️  Eat healthy, exercise, don't drink too much wine and thank God for the breath He gives you each day.

Happy birthday Elizabeth. I’m proud of who you are and all that God has done and is continuing to do in your life. Trust Him more than ever this year.

"The knowledge that God has loved me beyond all limits will compel me to go into the world to love others in the same way." Oswald Chambers

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