We received an email a couple days ago from the guy who shot our Chazown video for Life Church back in July. He said that they're thinking about putting our family's testimony in the 2011 annual report for Life Church and need an updated family picture. It just blows me away that what we're doing is seen as so extraordinary. Logically, I know it is, but during the day when I'm cooking, cleaning and changing diapers, it feels very ordinary. There are days that go by when I don't talk to anyone besides my husband and kids, because I am so busy I don't have time for more than a few emails and texting. On days like these, it's hard to believe that we're considered an inspiration. It just feels like second nature now and I can't imagine life not being like this.

We currently have no updates on the foster kiddos. A and K's mom has not had a visit yet with the kids, despite being awarded as many as she could make. Termination trial for Baby H starts on Feb. 27 and the next court date for A and K is March 1. I don't plan on going. I will let my husband handle it all. It is too stressful for me and these 6 children need a mentally healthy mother. Seth and his men's Bible study group have been visiting Baby K's father in prison every week. He has been reading his Bible and has a completely different look in his eyes than the first time Seth met him. We are so thankful for God's goodness in this situation and ask for continued prayer for this man and this potential prison ministry that has begun unexpectedly.

In other news, we're moving to a bigger house in a couple months! We are taking advantage of the USDA's rural development loan program and moving to the small town of Kingfisher, which is about 35 miles NW from where we're at now. We have found a 6 bedroom, 2700sqft house in a quaint neighborhood that we have bought for $105,000. With this loan program and our family size and income, we qualify for a loan up to $142k at 1% interest. Since we got the house for such a great price, the loan allows us to use the difference for renovations, repairs and appliances. We are constantly in prayer about this and making no decisions without God's blessing. I wasn't even considering it until I found out that there is a Life network church there, LifeWay Church. We are very excited and pray that it all comes to fruition.

My prayer requests until my next blog are:

  • Prayer for Baby H's mother. She is a good woman who loves her daughter, but is incapable of caring for her. Please pray for peace and understanding throughout the trial and afterwards.
  • Prayer for A and K's mother. She was raised in foster care herself. Please pray for healing and truth in her life.
  • Prayer for K's father. His trial is in March. Please pray for his salvation, if he has not already accepted Christ. Pray for strength to speak the truth and to serve his sentence while faithfully serving Christ. 
  • Prayer for our family. We have dealt with 5th disease, RSV, the flu, and MRSA this past month. We need prayer, support, and help. 
Thank you so much for reading and praying for our family. We are so thankful for our family and friends that support us during this journey. 

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