Foster Parent's Rights

This was taken from Oklahoma's Foster Parent Bill of Rights.

For the full statement of rights see 10A O.S. § 1-9-119

A foster parent's rights shall include, but not be limited to, the right to: 
  • Be treated with dignity, respect, and consideration; 
  • Be notified of and be given appropriate training; 
  • Be informed about ways to contact state agencies to assisst in accessing supportive services for children; 
  • Receive timely financial reimbursement; 
  • Be notified of any costs or expenses for which the foster parent may be eligible for reimbursement; 
  • Be provided a clear, written explanation of the service plan concerning the child in the foster parent's home; 
  • Receive additional or necessary information that is relevant to the care of the child; 
  • Be notified of scheduled review meetings, permanency planning meetings and special staffings; 
  • Provide input concerning the plan of services for the child; 
  • Communicate with other foster parents to share information regarding the foster child; 
  • Communicate with other professionals who work with the foster child; 
  • Be given pertinent information regarding the child and family; 
  • Be given reasonable notice of any change in or addition to the services provided to the child; 
  • Be given written notice of: 
    • (1) plans to terminate the placement of the child with the foster parent, and 
    • (2) the reasons for the changes or termination in placement, and 
      • b. The notice shall be waived only in emergency cases pursuant to Section 7028 of this title; 
  • Be notified of the date, time, and location of all court hearings; 
  • Be informed of decisions made by the court, the state agency or the child-placing agency concerning the child; 
  • Be considered as a preferred placement option when a foster child re-enters foster care; 
  • Be provided a fair and timely investigation of complaints concerning the foster parent's certification; 
  • Be provided the opportunity to request/receive a fair hearing regarding certification retention or placement of children in the home; 
  • Be allowed the right to exercise parental substitute authority; 
  • Have timely access to an appeal process and to be free fromacts of harassment and retaliation; 
  • Be given the number of the statewide toll-free Foster Parent Hotline; and 
  • File a grievance and be informed of the process for filing a grievance. 

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